I am currently a Program Director at ARPA-E where I am leading the INTEGRATE, DIFFERENTIATE and REEACH progams. I joined ARPA-E during the Summer of 2016, and my six-and-a-half-year term will end in February of 2023.

I am excited about the potential of the system technologies being developed with INTEGRATE and REEACH to facilitate our transition to a carbon-neutral energy system and by the potential of the tools being developed within DIFFERENTIATE to transform the manner in which engineers develop new technologies.

INTEGRATE ($45M) is focused on the development of ultra-efficient (>70%) fuel to electric power conversion systems. The approach taken in achieving high-efficiency at an attractive cost (<$1/W) is to leverage the thermo-economic synergies that may be achieved by integrating solid oxide fuel cells with engines. These systems are capable of utilizing a wide range of both renewable and fossible fuels--including natural gas, ammonia, hydrogen, and synthetic aviation fuel.

DIFFERENTIATE ($36M) is focused on the development of machine-learning enhanced engineering design tools that are intended to enhance the productivity of energy engineers as they design the next generation energy technologies and products that are needed to mitigate our climate crisis. The tools being developed include domain-expert optimizers, high-fidelity and speed surrogate models, and generative models/inverse design tools.

REEACH ($25M) is focused on the development of ultra efficient but light-weight carbon-neutral fuel to electric power conversion systems that would be enablers for climate-friendly electrified propulsion systems. The system technologies being employed include the SOFC/engine hybrid systems being developed within INTEGRATE as well as advanced gas turbine concepts employing waste heat recovery systems.